Important bodies:
Consultancy Services

To assist companies in the implementation of various HR/IR initiatives we offer a full consultancy and support service which includes related training and development interventions.

Management & Supervisory Training

We offer a full management consultancy and support service which includes training and development interventions.

Disciplinary Process & Procedures

We offer a range of training designed to assist management in the adherence to company policies and procedures, enforcing company policies, taking effective and appropriate disciplinary action and chairing effective disciplinary hearings.

OD-ETD Practices

Due to our expertise in the area of OD-ETDP we are in a position to assist in all areas related to Quality Management and Support in Education and Training.

Skills Development Practices

This includes assistance with the integration of OBE and other skills practices into companies as well as the training of Assessors, Moderators and Facilitators.

Committee Member Training

We offer customised and up to date committee member training for EE Forum and Skills Development Forum members. All interventions are based on current legislation as applicable.


We offer a wide variety of skills programmes designed to enhance the skills of current employed learners. These programmes and interventions are offered in terms of the requirements of NSDS 3.



The content of all programmes is aligned to the specific outcome requirements of relevant unit standards. The knowledge acquired by the workplace-based learner when coupled with existing knowledge and expertise will be beneficial for the purposes of RPL assessment. Programmes are tailored to the needs of the adult learner.

AMSI and ASSOCIATES cc can tailor interventions to suit your specific need and the needs of your employees.

We will conduct in-house training for groups of 5 to 20 learners and will provide:

  • Cost effective solutions to your specific needs
  • Customisation and personalisation of our material
  • Personal attention and interaction with individual learners
  • Convenience for managers and employees