Skills Development Forum Members training

Have you established and trained your SD COMMITTEE as required in terms of the LRA?
Are you and they familiar with the many recent changes?
Are you aware that any company employing more than 50 people should have appointed a training committee?
Did you know that some SETAS are now requesting proof that such a committee has been put in place and that consultation has taken place as required by law? I quote

“Companies with more than 50 employees are required to have a training committee and will be requested in their application for Discretionary Funding to submit a copy of the minutes of the most recent meeting as proof that consultation has taken place around planned training activities and that consensus has been reached. In addition the application will have to be signed by the employer representative and the labour representative for companies required to have a training committee”

This one day in house workshop has been designed to equip the Skills Development Committee members with an understanding of the essentials of ODETD and skills development practices and to give them the essential knowledge to perform as a cohesive unit.
It is intended to teach the committee members the importance of their role and how they have a positive impact on training within the company.
Committee members will gain an understanding as to how they can support and enhance the efforts of the HR division in developing a culture of learning in the company as well as the introduction of RPL initiatives. The workshop is conducted as an interactive session where delegates discuss and debate various issues related to their role as members of this all important committee.
Topics to be covered include
Understanding workplace forums
The function of workplace committees
Consultation process
Skills development committee function
Introduction to skills development
Skills development act – Skills Development Levies Act – understanding the NQF
Changes to legislation – introducing QCTO and OFO’s
The role of the SDF
The workplace as a place of learning – occupational learning
Function and duties of the committee
Identify strategic objectives
Make recommendations on training and development needs
Assist in the development of the WSP
Consult with employees on training needs
Ensure communication and feedback to employees
Maintain training records
Meet regularly and track progress
Identify training problems and propose solutions
Source appropriate training providers and material if required
Assist with the development of the ATR
Training needs analysis
Understanding the need to align the analysis to company and employee needs
The need for conducting needs analysis and skills audits
Recognition of prior learning
Prioritising needs and making decisions
Choosing the right training provider
Verification of accreditation
Track record and references
Cost considerations
Choosing the correct training material
Identifying training needs
Aligning needs to unit standards and qualification
Comparing material with unit standards
Appropriateness of unit standard towards a qualification
Learnerships and benefits
Additional self study notes are included in the delegate manual covering the following
Dealing with conflict in the committee
Conducting effective meetings
Example of a needs analysis

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