Employment Equity Forum training

The submission of Employment Equity (EE) Reports must be done based on the individual plan for your company so as to ensure compliance with the ACT. If you have 50 or more employees or your annual business turnover exceeds the prescribed turnover threshold the requirement to submit the Reports applies to you.
The need to consult with employees on EE matters (as well as Skills development issues) is enshrined in the EE Act, the SDA and the LRA but is often overlooked by employers. Non compliance may will lead to heavy fines. Now is the time to ensure compliance.
The EE Act was introduced in 1998 to foster and promote sound and fair workplace practices. In order to address the inequalities in employment patterns and practices it was deemed necessary to address the issue of inequality in the workplace. The act is specific in terms of minimum requirements and on the completion of EE reports while at the same time making it possible for employees to question employers on issues related to Employment Equity. Designated employers are required to establish a consultative forum in order to give effect to the process.

We recently saw the release of the latest report of the Commission for Employment Equity. The Commission head is supporting the Labour Minister’s threat to once again ‘name and shame’ companies that aren’t making progress or complying with the letter and spirit of the Employment Equity Act.
According to the Employment Equity Act all designated employers are required to
Complete a detailed employment equity (EE) Analysis
Prepare and submit regular EE Reports
Prepare and implement a detailed EE Plan
Set and meet regular EE targets for achieving the required number of members of designated groups at all levels of the workplace
Establish a workplace forum in order to consult with a full cross-section of the workforce and representative trade unions on the devising and implementation of the above mentioned analysis, report, plan and target.
Ensure forum members are adequately trained
Make available to employees, via the forum, all the documents referred to above
Make special arrangements to ensure that black, coloured, Indian, female and disabled employees are retained by the organisation, that they can cope with their duties and work environment, fit into the organisation and have opportunities to advance in the organisation.
Eliminate barriers to employment of members of designated groups.
Do you have an Employment Equity committee?
Have you trained your Employment Equity Committee?

Workshop outline

This one day intervention deals with issues forum members should be familiar with and clarifies various areas that might impact on the effective functioning of the forum. The workshop is interactive and hands on and adequate time will be given to participants to raise EE related queries and concerns.

Why Employment Equity and who EE affects
Clarifying the responsibility of employers – what employers should be doing
Good Employment Equity process
CEO Commitment
EE plan and Stats
Training and development
Culture and gender issues
Barriers to Employment Equity and dealing with such barriers
Understanding cultural diversity in the context of EE
The consultation process

(Additional reference notes) Summary of the EE Act
(Additional reference notes) Understanding developments in workplace based education and training

Who should attend?
All managers and supervisors, the EE committee members, HR departmental staff, any employee with a direct or indirect interest
We cater for groups of 14 maximum. There will be an additional levy for numbers in excess of this.

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