Upgrading the qualifications of an SDF

The upgrading of the qualifications of SDF’s is a very worthwhile undertaking and needs to be carefully considered.
It has been suggested that all SDF’s should be qualified in six specific unit standards and not just one or two as has been the case. In addition to upgrading their qualifications this would put the SDF well on the road to achieving a full OD-ETD qualification or a degree in OD-ETD practices.
SDF’s who study the six unit standards suggested would be more qualified to complete the functions of a professional SDF. Personally I am shocked some times at the apparent lack of knowledge displayed by some SDF’s – is this perhaps due to lack of training and verifies this discussion topic?
A professionally qualified SDF should be involved in all areas for which they have been trained and HR managers should ensure the SDF is permitted to perform in these areas.
• Advising on and implementation of Quality management Systems for skills development
• Conducting analysis to determine outcomes of training
• Conducting skills development administration
• Coordinating skills development interventions
• Utilising their skills in advising others on outcomes based education within the context of the NQF
• Developing the organisations training and development plans
Should the SDF be qualified as required and if their skills and abilities are utilised correctly and constructively then their role will be sustainable, they will be placed in an invaluable position and will most certainly add value to any organisation.
Possible solutions
SDF’s can upgrade their qualifications by undergoing further training on all unit standards mentioned above.
The alternative is to attend training on unit standard 12544 – Facilitate the preparation and presentation of evidence for assessment and to then submit for RPL against the unit standards mentioned.
This is the less costly way and is a more practical approach. To do so SDFs would have to verify workplace based competence in all six unit standards mentioned.
Des Squire (Managing Member)

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